[LAU] Re: Ext2 or Ext3 for Audio?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Thu Jun 28 04:43:33 EDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 28. Juni 2007 schrieb david:
> Frank Barknecht wrote:
> > Karl Hammar hat gesagt: // Karl Hammar wrote:
> >> Kjetil:
> >>> Yes. Ext2 is generally dangerous.
> >> That statement is void if you mount it read-only, which is perfectly
> >> ok for /boot and /usr.

You don't mount /boot except when you upgrade the kernel...

> > But if you don't write, my uneducated guess is, that any journalling
> > overhead from ext3 over ext2 is void, too.
> Of course, if you don't WRITE, your ability to RECORD is going to be
> rather limited. Which was what the original poster needed. ;-)

But I don't think the journal has a big impact on recording audio: The journal 
is typically 30MB big (thats why there is so few /boot with ext3, a 10MB 
partition doesn't have room for the journal alone) and it records cached 
content and/or(?) file-status information. In a typical ardour session most 
(all?) files are big chunks, so doing recordings means lots of content (to 
much for caching) and very few file-status changes. So in the first case the 
journal gets filed up very soon and the data written to disk directly and in 
the second case there is very little to write to the journal...

And: ext2 is afaik not more dangerous than ext3, it just takes _much_ longer 
to check and repair (1h with ext2 equals 2min with ext3)...

And: there are generally two kinds of people: those who love reiserfs and 
those who lost data in a non-recoverable way (sometimes even destroying the 
whole fs) with reiserfs. I belong to the later group...

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