[linux-audio-user] What purpose does this list serve?

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at linuxuse.de
Thu Mar 1 21:09:53 EST 2007

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Greg Wilder schrieb:

> Livecoding with SuperCollider, Music Composition
> through Spectral Modeling Synthesis and Pure Data, Interfacing Pure Data with 
> Faust, Python for Sound Manipulation, Stereo, Multichannel and Binaural Sound 
> Spatialization in Pure-Data, A Tetrahedral Microphone Processor for Ambisonic 
> Recording, Visual prototyping of audio applications (CLAM), and the list goes 
> on and on...

Well well - if this is not pure, unspoiled tech-head-machismo ;-]

All of this is of course imoprtant but it is just a (maybe most
advanced) part of Linux Audio - Audio on Linux means recording so-called
musicians playing Instruments made of wood and wire with Ardour also,
writing tunes in a scoreeditor and playing it with Specimen and
Zynaddsubfx and being on stage playing ams-patches with a Keyboard.
This is so-called "usage" and this is linux-audio-*user* so anything
that is related to such underdeveloped aproaches to audible arts is
relevant here is it not?

> "When will someone produce a chart-topping hit with Ardour" is _not_ a serious 
> or productive topic and has _nothing_ to do with the reality of the industry.  
> If you wanna learn how squeeze more "thump" outta your woofers or get 
> more "pop" from your tweeters, why not visit a relevant forum - there are 
> many to choose from...

Linux is not only about technology and industry - it is about freedom.
And to be relevant at all it depends on usage. If people exercize
freedom by playing music to their liking and using Linux to do so
(beside their guitars, voices, amps, beatboxes etc.) then Linux will
thrive and do the good that was intended as the 4 freedoms where
declared in the first place.

> Despite my sarcastic tone, these comments are not meant to be destructive. 

Despite my sarcastic tone, my answers are not meant to be destructive.

best regards see you in Berlin ;-)
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