[linux-audio-user] Looking for an external sound card for 'nix -- recommendations?

Louis Acresti lra4691 at rit.edu
Wed Mar 7 04:41:59 EST 2007

> Ah, so the X-Station already *is* a USB-soundcard. That's nice, why do
> you need another one? ;)

I can use it as my sound card, but it lacks certain desirable
features, such as S/PDIF input. Not to mention I'm not sure that it
was really designed to be a sound card, especially for recording
purposes. Furthermore, I can only use the built-in DSP on incoming
analog signals, not the input coming from my machine (via JACK->USB)
even though it will output anything I send it through JACK. If I had a
separate soundcard with mutliple analog outputs I could patch
individual tracks from it into my synth to do some extra DSP (it has
some nice reverb/delay/chorus effects built in).

Although now that you mention it, I can put up with any shortcomings
the synth has, I just bought my first pair of studio-grade headphones
anyway, and I've still got college to pay for. ;p

Nonetheless, I've learned quite from your responses (and the resulting
research that followed), and eventually I'll use this knowledge to
make the right choice.


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