[linux-audio-user] live performance with rapper/vocalist

Josh Lawrence hardbop200 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 8 23:28:39 EST 2007

Hello list,

(Please forgive me if this post rambles a little bit...)

A very good friend of mine approached me about doing some rap music
live with him.  He is a lyricist with a drumming background, and does
a fine job at expressing himself in that particular genre.  I am a
jazz piano player and, of course, linux user.  :)  I would like to try
to do some live performances with him rapping and me providing
groove-based jazz backgrounds (think acid jazz-type stuff, MMW, etc.).
 I think this would be a great opportunity to use linux in a live
performance.  Here are some off-the-cuff thoughts about how this would
go down:

The computer would be providing beats.  There should be a set of beats
preplanned, a "vocabulary" of stuff to pull from, but it must all be
able to be changed on the fly.  Seq24, maybe?  My live keyboard would
provide sounds for keys and bass synth, but the laptop should have a
bass synth pulled up to do repeated patterns when my left hand gets
tired; I'm thinking whysynth (the dssi plugin) for this job.  It would
be really nice if everything could sync to MIDI clock so that an
arpeggio-type app could be used (I have no idea what would do this in
linux).  Hydrogen would fall into this picture somehow I'm sure, but
it seems like it isn't appropriate for doing stuff on the fly.  Would
be *great* to use LASH to pull the whole "set" up at once without
having to call up individual applications.

What do you all think?  Are any of you doing anything like this, and
if so, how are you doing it?  I really *don't* want to get into live
coding just yet, I'm just not ready to dive into those waters.  Still,
I think this would be a really cool project - "improvisational
rapping" if you will.  Any thoughts, gripes, ideas, general thinking
outside the box, and (most importantly) specific applications that you
think would be appropriate would be very much appreciated.

Josh Lawrence

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