[linux-audio-user] To MacBook or not to MacBook, that's the question

Oscar spacepluk at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 04:29:15 EDT 2007

Hi Pieter,
First of all I don't want to start a Mac vs. PC flame war in the list. This
is just my opinion based on my own experience so take it with a grain of

I've been using Macs since 1999 and the last I bought was a black Macbook
for my girlfriend early this year. All my other macs had perfect performance
so I bought it with the will that her experience would be trouble free since
this is her first computer.

Well, all I'm going to say is that I felt a bit scammed. Bad quality
display, defective wifi, strange battery behavior... This is the first Mac
that makes me feel that it doesn't worth the extra expense. So my advice is
to stay away from MacBooks.

Apple is not guarantee of quality anymore.


2007/3/19, Ken Restivo <ken at restivo.org>:
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> OK, <exasperated sigh>, I have to ask this:
> Are there any laptops out there WHICH DO NOT SUCK??!
> This is very frustrating.
> It seems as though, no matter what I choose, I will be making a
> potentially huge mistake. So, this is why I buy nothing.
> BTW, in the Linux and BSD wireless world a few years ago there was a
> general consensus that ThinkPads were amazing/fantastic/perfect machines.
> They were considered the most "road-worthy" and I saw BAWUG guys walking
> around carrying their open ThinkPads around by the LCD, casually throwing
> them around like a roadie throws around an SM58, with no ill effects.
> I had a couple for years (a used 600 and a used 600E) and I just beat the
> piss out of them. Even though they were made in Italy, I found them to be
> like the BMW's of laptops. They were engineered to be abused.
> But, I don't recall hearing a peep about ThinkPads from this group, which
> leads me to wonder if perhaps they are not suited for audio for some reason
> or another? Maybe they don't have the latest/greatest dual-core CPU's on
> them yet? Or maybe IBM's installation of "Treacherous Computing" chips in
> the things made Linux users steer clear of them?
> - -ken
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