[linux-audio-user] a question for any Dell Inspiron owners

M P Smoak smoak at mis.net
Mon Mar 19 11:07:26 EDT 2007

On Monday 19 March 2007 09:08 am, Dave Phillips wrote:
> I know what to do about the OS, but I wondered if anyone else suffers
> with the same audio problem. There is a persistent echo in the sound,
> and it's really annying when we're watching a movie on the box. I
> can't find any control that would disable the effect, I don't even
> know what chipset's in the machine, and I've not found any mention of
> this problem on the net.
> If you're using an Inspiron under Linux or Windows, please let me
> know if this trouble is unique to Ivy's machine. Suggestions for
> fixing it would be much appreciated, that echo effect is truly
> irritating.

Hi Dave,

It's not just yours;  Sher, my lady, bought one last summer and has the 
same problem.  Used google advanced search to look on the dell site and 
google groups search and found lots of user complaints of sound quality 
problems but no solutions.  I called dell support and asked about "known 
sound quality problems" and was told that they knew of none.  The best 
I can suppose is that dell support has no idea what problems customers
are having because the don't look at what customers are saying about 

I informed the support person that he was very wrong, should speak to 
his manager about the known problems, and ask his manager to call me.
That was about Nov. 2006;  I never heard from them.

Sher tried a SBlaster usb external and had problems too;  returned it 
and just puts up with the very poor sound now.

Now she  uses it and it does most things very well, but the sound is 
crap even with good headphones.  

Marv  in Lex KY  setting up a used thinkpad t40 now for me right now

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