[linux-audio-user] Extracting/Ripping tracks from DVD-Audio discs

Robin Gareus robin at gareus.org
Mon Mar 19 12:15:29 EDT 2007

D. Sen wrote:
> Robin Gareus wrote:
>> D. Sen wrote:
>>> Anyone know of a way to extract the multichannel audio from a DVD-Audio
>>> disc? Xine plays the multichannel files - so I assume there has to be a
>>> way to extract them...
>> there's `tcdemux` and `tcdecode` from the transcode package
>> - dvdrip provides is a GUI.
>> (you can copy/paste dvdrip's LOG window for the commands it uses to do
>> the job. You only want the first part of the pipe: tcdemux | tcdecode..)

> dvdrip refuses to work on my distribution. 

mmh then there's the chance that tcdemux & tcdecode won't work either. -
usually you get those as dependency to dvd::rip.  - see.

I'm sure that you can also use mplayer/mencoder or some ffmpeg command
line to do the same job.. gstreamer too..

> Is there a chance you could
> tell me what the tcdemux | tcdecode scripts would be to extract the audio?

sorry, I did not have my dvd drive with me.. now I do.

how are your command line skills? dvd::rip does a lot of fancy piping  (
`man tee` -> man dvdrip-multitee ? :) ) - the command that does ripping
& demux is several pages long (includes 100 subtitle commands)...

It boils down to sth like this:

tccat -t dvd -T 1,-1,1 -i \/dev\/scsi\/host8\/bus0\/target0\/lun0\/cd  |
tcextract -a 0 -x ac3 -t vob | tcdecode -x ac3 | tcscan -x pcm

adjust the device to match your DVD-ROM.  and replace the last step " |
tcscan -x pcm" with " > ripped-audio.pcm" to write the audio into a
file; or use " | tee ripped-audio.pcm | tcscan -x pcm" to write to a
file and scan for peak values..

use sox or rezound or ... to convert the pcm into your favorite format!

good luck,

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