[linux-audio-user] Free-as-in-freedom B3, other than Bristol?

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 08:10:16 EDT 2007

Paul Winkler wrote:

> I haven't tried them, but there are a number of b3-emulation patches
> floating around ... eg. here's some csound stuff:
> http://www.csounds.com/mikelson/index.html#hammond

These ones fail to run at least on my current csound5 install. However 
I've been using a modified (as in "make it work with csound5") version 
of this as my main organ emulation for years. I'm right now in the 
process of cleaning the code up a bit, but I can put it somewhere if 
anyones interested.

It's quite good, however I feel that beatrix has an extra degree of 
authencity. The click in the csound version sounds a little bit wrong 
and a better distortion is needed too. But it's still the best I've 
heard before trying out beatrix...

peace, love & harmony

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