[LAU] Music: Woxitron WIP

Thorsten Wilms t_w_ at freenet.de
Sun Sep 2 03:55:06 EDT 2007

On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 11:13:48AM +0900, Loki Davison wrote:
> >
> > http://www.archive.org/download/woxitron/thorwil_woxitron_wip.ogg
> > http://www.archive.org/download/woxitron/thorwil_woxitron_wip.mp3

> Mmm. I think stability might be an issue though maybe a nice bassline
> can provide that. It's not as groovy as some of your other stuff and
> doesn't seem to have as nice a "feel" maybe this is just a sign of
> your stuff improving. 

My ideal remains groovy tracks that are interesting to listen to, 
but at times that can be a conflict.

Huh? How can less groovy and not as nice a "feel" be a sign of my 
stuff improving? Or do you mean "friendly" as opposed to "dark" with 
the later?

> Hi btw, i'm not dead, i'm just in South Korea.

Heh, I figured as much. Everything arrived intact? Happy teaching! :)

Thorsten Wilms

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