[LAU] How do I make persistent or set the default connections in jack?

Rob Frohne frohro at wallawalla.edu
Mon Sep 3 22:09:43 EDT 2007


I am an amateur radio operator, and I'm using the aoss plugin with jack
to route my audio.  I have a software defined receiver that takes audio
input from the sound card.  I route the audio out of that to gmfsk's
audio input port.  Gmfsk is a radio teletype decoder/encoder.  When I
change from the receive mode to the transmit mode, the ports for the
receiver for gmfsk disappear in qjackctl, and the ones for transmit
appear.  When I go back, the opposite happens, which is all good.  The
problem is that the default connections are not what I need, so I have
to change them back and forth each time I change from transmit to
receive in qjackctrl.  How do I set up the default connections the way I
want them?

I have my .asoundrc file set up as directed here:




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