[LAU] How much does my new SB Extigy suck and why?

Johannes Mario Ringheim jri at broadpark.no
Thu Sep 6 02:35:02 EDT 2007

Lee Revell wrote:
> No they assume Windows which does decent quality resampling in kernel-space.
> The long term solution IMHO is for ALSA to select a higher quality
> resampler by default.
> Short term solution is to use an app that does its own high quality
> resampling and always run the card at 48Khz.

I had a SBLive something, wich is pre-Extigy. I never had the problem he 
describes, at least not to that extent. Sound quality may have been 
poor, but only in an audiophile point of view, generally it sounded good 
enough and there were no audible regressions of the upper frequencies or 
any other artifacts. This was on windows, linux, jack and any other 
program I used. Jack had a problem with resampling, but this was totally 

PS: Lee: I'm not saying you're not right about the resampler in alsa, 
but my experience with an older Creative card suggests that this is not 
the problem for Bearcat.

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