[LAU] Advice for buying speakers

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Fri Sep 7 14:18:46 EDT 2007

Arnold Krille hat gesagt: // Arnold Krille wrote:

> And during recording (real instruments, not "frank_barknecht_pd_style" ;) I 
> turn off the speakers because of the feedback and noise. That is what 
> headphones are for.

If it has seperate headphone outs, then it already has some kind of
"ALT"-bus. My previous mixer was a simple stereo mixer and didn't have
them - ironically it was exactly the Yamaha MG102 shown as "bad"
example on Tweakheadz. Everything that was sent to the speakers also
went to the headphones and worse: Everything that was output by the
speaker also went to the soundcard input. This makes live monitoring
while recording completely impossible. I replaced it with Compact4
recently, and now I can listen to myself singing to a recorded track
on headphones while recording my voice. Well, I could: I don't sing. ;) 

> You should not record from a mixer but connect the sources as direct to the 
> A/D-converters as possible. Unless your mixer has better preamps than your 
> card of course.

Hm, I thought recording from a mixer is quite common practice? 

My card is a M-Audio Audiophile and to connect a mic to it, I need a
seperate preamp anyway. Both the Yamaha and the Soundcraft preamps
sound fine enough for me. 

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