[LAU] Important test:

Geoff Beasley songshop at bizmedia.com.au
Sat Sep 15 18:55:10 EDT 2007

thanks for all the comments. 

John Rigg I'm testing now with 512, but the latency will be way too big for 
midi/audio for my useage, as you rightly say. i'm sure i have tested this 
before but we'll see.

John Emmas, i would strongly recommend the use of 3d accelleration in your 
system. without it your cpu will be working too hard hence the drop-outs you 
are hearing. Another one to be mindful of is that a lot of mobo's have "fast 
write"  "graphics turbo something" enabled in the bios by default. this can 
cause lots of issues 'cause the graphics card is getting higher priority than 
it should and it's pulling cycles away from your pci bus.  

Fons, thanks for the tip; however that way you need to watch the readout all 
the time instead of just scanning the results after the re-record cycle.

there'll be a solution i'm sure; just hope i don't die before i find it ;)


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