[LAU] [ANN] JAD 1.0 officially released

tim hall tech at glastonburymusic.org.uk
Mon Sep 17 09:32:47 EDT 2007

Dave Phillips wrote:
> tim hall wrote:
>> ... you would be better off comparing JAD to the 32bit version of 64 
>> Studio.
> Yes, but the publisher wants me to profile a 64-bit audio system, and 
> AFAICT 64 Studio is the only one in something like full bloom.

Fair enough. I'm running the 32bit version if you do need to compare notes.

>> However, I have a rough idea of what your partitioning schemes already 
>> look like and I don't blame you for not installing both. ;)
> My partitioning scheme is a dividing wall. The JAD box is one room, the 
> 64 Studio iron is in another. It's a necessary scheme, they attack one 
> another ferociously if kept in the same space.

Aw, I'm sure they're just play-fighting. ;)

So long as I give my 64Studio box plenty of exercise and keep it away 
from 'artificial additives' it usually behaves itself.



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