[LAU] Help with fluidsynth and midi from drum pads

Bengt Gördén bengan at kthnoc.net
Tue Sep 18 04:50:32 EDT 2007

tisdag 18 september 2007 09:54 skrev Clemens Ladisch:
> You could use aseqdump to have the computer interpret it.

Ok. Missed that one. Thanks.

> That's maximum velocity.

Yes. I struck the pads a few times and just copied the last one.

> > Note on for Acoustic Bass Drum with velocity 0
> Velocity 0 actually means note off.

Yes. I followed some links and found out that it's normal to do that instead 
of note off. Do you know if note off and note on velocity 0 behave 
differently according to specs or is it just up to the implementation? I 
can't find any readable MIDI-specs for that. Pointers would be appreciated.

> It's possible that fluidsynth cuts off the sound as soon as the note off
> is received.  Many GM synths ignore note off messages on the drum
> channel.  Probably you're using a sound font where the decay and release
> times for drum sounds are different; try different ones.

Ok. I just switched sounds within the same SF. I'll give it another shot with 
different SF. I also think I saw a SF-editor so I might fire that up and have 
peek at the SF:s to see how they are build up. I really don't know much about 
SF but now's the time to learn :-)



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