[LAU] AMS Crashes

Simon Williams simon at systemparadox.co.uk
Sun Sep 23 11:52:09 EDT 2007

Alsa module synth keeps crashing whenever I try to load any of the patch 
es that ship with it. By pure chance I did manage to find one that 
worked last time. Now I cannot.

Another very annoying thing is that it forgets where I last loaded a 
path file from, forcing me to type /usr/share/ams every time.

Also, after loading ams gives lots of lines like this in the terminal, 
even though it's using jack and jack isn't reporting any xruns:
Alsa_driver: stat = fffffffc, xrun of at least    0.052 ms

For the large majority of patch files, ams gives lots of errors about 
not being able to load LADSPA plugins. Why aren't these shipped with it 
if they are in the examples??? That's plain stupid. Where do I get them 

Then, in an equal number of cases, I won't get missing plugin errors- I 
will get this in the terminal:
All available output ports are in use
QScrollView::addChild(): Cannot add null child
Segmentation fault

And ams dies with no other useful information.

Any suggestions?

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