[LAU] getting jack 0.107 working with cclients compiled against earlier versions

Danni Coy danni.coy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 19:05:51 EDT 2007

> Is there a way to get 0.107 working with clients compiled against
> older versions of jack?
> Failing that, would I be able to get all these apps to work again
> against the new version of jack if  I simply build my own packages
> from source debs, or would I run into further trouble?

yes start a jack client that is not working from the command line see what 
version of jack it is trying to connect to find that file 
libjack-[something].so and remove it - replace it with a symlink to version 
you just installed. 

Its a dirty hack but it seems to work often enough.

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