[LAU] phasex dies after x amount of time

Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Thu Sep 27 13:31:17 EDT 2007

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On Thu, Sep 27, 2007 at 08:54:40AM -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings,
> Yesterday I was playing around with the excellent Phasex synth. I wrote 
> some long looping tracks for "infinite" playback a la Eno's Music For 
> Airports, everything played nicely for about 40 minutes, then Phasex 
> just disappeared. I hadn't launched it from the prompt so I have no 
> relevant error messages, but I wonder if anyone else has had trouble 
> running the synth for long periods of time.

stdout/stderr from stuff launched from the window manager usually shows up in ~/.xsession-errors for me.

I use the ion3 window manager, but others probably have some way of capturing printfs from programs it launches.

I specifically launch jackd with  > /tmp/jackd.errors 2>&1 &, so I have some record of what xran or got booted, and when (/tmp is tmpfs).

I've run PHASEX for many hours without any problems. 

I can however cause fluidsynth to die and exit, by running a very large multi-sampled Steinway piano soundfont, holding the sustain pedal down, and then playing a couple chords repetitively (i.e. Tony Banks at the intro of "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway") for 20-30 seconds at randomly-varying velocities. It's a CPU-intensive operation... perhaps your PHASEX patch is chewing up a lot of cycles.

- -ken
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