[LAU] Midi Sequencer with Staff Notation

Aurelien orl at ammd.net
Mon Apr 7 08:09:49 EDT 2008

On Mon, Apr 07, 2008 at 01:14:04PM +0200, N. Gey wrote :
> Until now I just read the website of ntEd.
> Now I compiled it.
> I think ntEd is absolutly the opposite of what I mean:
> The first thing you see is a Din-A4 paperlike-screen. For me
> paper-format and linebrake are things you don't need in computers. For
> sure: Personally I don't like them because music is a stream, not a paper.

Well, OK, I didn't read the "endless scrolling" line in your previous
I think music is no paper, but is neither a "straight-on process" with
an infinite scroll!!! ;)

By the way, you can select every tracks in Rosegarden, and then edit
them in notation mode, and so you'll get an endless scrolling with
staves instead of piano rolls.

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