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Tue Apr 8 08:01:53 EDT 2008

Dave Phillips wrote:
> Greetings,
> I have no problem per se with new sites popping up for Linux audio. 
> However, it's probably worth noting that I'm already a member of too 
> many forums, mail lists, and IRC lines, and I've lost count of the 
> app-specific wikis that I chase down for news. Many apps have a forum 
> *and* a wiki, adding even more sites to visit for information.
could be a argument for a central forum... for more specific app related 
questions you can off course go to the app related forum.
> The new site will succeed if enough people feel it's something they need 
> that is unavailable either at linuxaudio.org or on the LAU mail list. 
> Whatever the case, topic-related sites should acknowledge each other 
> with links and descriptions.
There are 42 registered users now... time will tell...

About the links and descriptions. On the dutch ubuntu forum I come too, 
there is a forum which is the core of the community. On the forum are 
links to the ubuntu website and back. Also there's a link to 'official 
documentation' from the forum to the doc and back...
I think it should be possible to manage something like this for 
linuxaudio.org. A linuxaudio.org with links to the documentation, apps, 
members, and the forum. And on the forum links to linuxaudio.org and the 
'official linuxaudio.org documentation'. On the forum there can be 
possiblities for short how-to's which can eventually be seen as 
'documentation-testing' eg. if someone wrights a great how-to he can be 
ask to write a official documentation about it for example.

I think such a organization can be a boost to linuxaudio(.org)!

> The fragmentation of Linux audio documentation is perhaps an unavoidable 
> side-effect of the relative lack of focus in this stage of Linux audio 
> development. I don't mean that individual projects are unfocused, I mean 
> that there's little sense of a central authority or clearing house for 
> relating the activities of various development tracks. Thus, everyone 
> goes about their own work with little or no sense of its relationship to 
> other activities (other than the ALSA/JACK axis), and this situation is 
> perfectly understandable. There are few enough developers working on 
> Linux audio projects, and they cannot reasonably be expected to keep up 
> with every other development (in Linux and elsewheres).
> I'm seeing a lot of user-level Linux audio activity elsewhere, such as 
> the eXT2 and Reaper forums, the LinuxSampler forum, the Renoise groups, 
> the Ardour forum, et cetera. People are asking the same old questions on 
> every board, indicating that there really is a problem with the 
> centralization of documentation and other assistance. Most of the time I 
> discover that many new users have no inkling that LAU, linuxaudio.org, 
> or linux-sound.org even exist. In addition, many more experienced users 
> are out of touch with new developments, especially non-LAD sanctioned 
> developments, effectively placing them and their knowledge out of the 
> reach of new users who may need the assistance.
> As Linux itself becomes easier to install and use, more users will be 
> asking the same questions about its audio capabilities, with questions 
> ranging from "How can I play my friend's iPod files ?" to "How can I use 
> VSTi plugins in a hybrid system running Ardour and Ableton Live ?". The 
> answers may be difficult to find without a central reference point. 
> LAD/LAU have always functioned so for me, but many users prefer other 
> comm channels.
as I said, couldn't a forum be such a channel?
> I am still a believer in the slogan "Let 10,000 flowers flourish!". 
> Linux program development may be a bizarre Darwinian process, but it's 
> been working pretty well for some time. Interesting projects and sites 
> have already come and gone, and I expect more of the same.
> Finally, just in case there are still some souls out there in LAU-land 
> who don't know about my work on Linux audio, I append my published 
> articles track at LJ:
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/user/800764/track
> Older stuff I wrote for O'Reilly:
> http://www.oreillynet.com/articles/author/101
> And of course the original mother-lode of links to Linux audio apps:
> http://linux-sound.org
> (But you really should visit and help maintain the list at 
> linuxaudio.org instead).
> Hopefully some of this information can still help a newbie or two. :)
I as a relative newbie, has learned a lot of your articles! :) It was 
for me a sort of documentation... maybe cause I didn't find out the 
pages behind 'portal' on the linuxaudio.org quickly enough ;)
> Best,
> dp
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