[LAU] Delta66 problem... still unresolved!!

Jorge spesgmd at telefonica.net
Tue Apr 8 18:28:27 EDT 2008


Carotinho and Norval Watson thanks for the quick replies! :)

I've been trying a little more with the card, but I still haven't been able to 
make it emit a single sound to the speakers, and I'm starting to worry about 
the Delta66 compatibility (I thought when I bought it it was mature enough to 
not having these kind of problems...) here is some more information:

The sliders of the DAC, ADC in the "analog volume" were at 75% aprox, so it's 
not the problem... in fact, I see the signal in envy24control in the digital 
MIXER, so I'm routing everything ok I think (and I route HWout1&2 to 
DigitalMixer or PCM1&3)...

BUT in that tab, someone told me I should have 10 sliders, but I only have 8 
(4 DAC and 4 ADC), is that normal? does it depends on the version?? my 
envy24control is version 0.6.0, and it shows in the console:
using    --- input_channels: 4
         --- output_channels: 4
         --- pcm_output_channels: 8
         --- spdif in/out channels: 2

I also upgraded to the real time kernel (Kubuntu 7.10), and installed the 
backports to get ALSA updated to the version 1.0.15rc3... but it didn't work 
either (though the latencies were incredible low!!).

I have confirmed that in windows I can get input signal, route it, mix it, and 
get an output to the speakers, so I know to use the mixer, and that the card 
works, and also that the input signal I'm trying is apropiate.

NEW INFO: in Linux, although I can see the output signal in envy24, I can't 
see the input signals!! (the sliders of analog volume tab are at 75%)...

I'm really completely lost here, Google seems to be useless, and the people 
that tried to help me at #alsa couldn't figure this out either... how can I 
debug this problem to get more useful info?? I have no clue at all about what 
can be the problem, any idea please??

Anyone has experience with a Delta66??

Thanks very much!


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