[LAU] reiser4.... has it a place for audio?

Ray Rashif schivmeister at gmail.com
Sat Apr 12 07:20:11 EDT 2008

Have you taken into consideration I/O latency? IIRC, ReiserFS has the worst
kind of latency. The two best FS for audio production would be EXT3 and JFS.
IMHO and experience, ReiserFS would be the last
option for these kinds of tasks (it's great for general-purpose multimedia).
There are people using them, though. Plus, I'm not sure about the new FSs.

On 12/04/2008, naysayer <gateswideopen at gmail.com> wrote:
> hi crew...
> i have just been looking at the benchmarking stats for reiser4 and it
> looks pretty cool. i was wondering if there is there is any reason to
> implement this kind of file system in multimedia environments. i current
> have my root/system partition as reiserFS and my home partition as ext3. i
> find this to be quite efficient but perhaps if there would be an improvement
> to recording stability and speed, then perhaps it could work well with apps
> like ardour. although, reiser seems to be happiest with small files, reiser4
> claims to be more efficient than ext3.... or that could be just spin.
> is this totally silly.... perhaps there are some people with more linux
> knowledge than me to comment.
> cheers.
> t
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