[LAU] audio meters nostalgia

Dragan Noveski perodog at gmx.net
Sat Apr 12 15:19:09 EDT 2008

Wolfgang Woehl wrote:
> Fons Adriaensen:
>> The first (beta) release of Jmeters is available at
>> <http://www.kokkinizita.net/linuxaudio/downloads>
> Hi Fons. Very nice, I like vu's so much. 
yeah, this is really a nice one! thanks for sharing it, fons.
> Is there a way to up-tweak 
> the frame rate? Shouldn't -t svu result in 2 inputs? I only get 1 
> input with whatever I try.
i see this if i connect aqualung, but if i take mhwavedit jmeter is 
running stereo. kinda strange.

the command line i am using:

jmeters -t svu aqualung:out_L aqualung:out_R


>  What's -c doing?
> Wolfgang
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