[LAU] new! linuxmusicians.com

Rob lau at kudla.org
Sun Apr 13 21:29:38 EDT 2008

On Tuesday 08 April 2008 05:00, schoappied wrote:
> As I said before, I think a forum is good for making the community
> more alive and more open, also for newbies. 

I think a forum is good for making the community more open, but  
*only* for newbies.  A mailing list comes to me, but I have to go to 
a web forum.... I can have most of them notify me if a new topic is 
started or if I get a reply, but it's not like having the entire 
day's traffic there each day as with a mailing list.

Add to that a lack of any kind of standard for archiving or searching 
across all the little walled-garden web forums in the entire world, 
and it's almost like a return to the days of dial-up BBSes, a series 
of loosely connected banana republics each with their own slightly 
different customs and a history that goes "poof" when the owner 
decides to pull up stakes.  

It may be easier for inexperienced people to use, and prettier to look 
at (I've seen people talk about graphics and animation as if they 
were actually constructive to a discussion) but then, so is America 
Online.  I hope the core of the Linux audio community remains right 


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