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Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 14 07:36:36 EDT 2008

Isn't latency an issue with Pulse? If you want the best performance with a single application, isn't the solution to disable it?

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>>  Where does PulseAudio come into that picture? - When the gnome-guys realized
>>  that esd is out of date and they want a new api/lib. Unfortunately they
>>  decided to a) write their own and not adopt what is there and b) to go
>>  audio-only which means no chance of KDE adopting it (apart from the fact that
>>  kde already has Phonon). So PulseAudio is by design not _the_ solution for
>>  sound on the desktop. It is just another middle-layer for sound. And why
>>  should a desktop-app-dev adopt PulseAudio when he would have to use another
>>  api/lib for video? Isn't it better to use one api/lib that has both and even
>>  does them in sync?
>Isn't comparing Phonon and PulseAudio apples and oranges though? If I
>understand the situation correctly Phonon is just an abstraction layer
>that interfaces with various multimedia frameworks, whereas PulseAudio
>is an actual sound server. Even if the gnome guys had adopted Phonon
>that wouldn't have fixed the esd situation (old, unmaintained sound
>server). PulseAudio is a drop in replacement for esd and if you want
>to use Phonon you could (I assume at least in theory) use PulseAudio
>as a backend for it (or PulseAudio via gstreamer or xinelib or
>>  And PulseAudio claims to unify both desktop-needs and pro-audio-needs. Another
>>  place it will fail big time. Because it will never be good enough to have
>>  ardour use PulseAudio. (Hint: Jack was designed for ardour...)
>Are there fundamental design decisions in PulseAudio that would make
>this impossible, as opposed to just difficult or a lot of work?
>(sincere question, I have no idea)
>As cool as Jack is surely it would be nice to have a sound
>architecture on linux that seamlessly supported pro-needs as well as
>typical desktop needs?
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