[LAU] qjackctl patchbay

schoappied schoappied at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 04:31:52 EDT 2008

david wrote:
> Malte Steiner wrote:
>>> How on earth is it possible that you made such a feature and did explain 
>>> it after such a long time?  I do not hope that there are more such 
>>> useful features of programs which are not explained yet...
> There's probably lots of features in Linux programs "not explained yet" 
> - writing the code is much more prestigious than writing the docs. ;-)
It seems to me that when you build an nice app, you'd like people to 
start using it...

I think it's also the honourable  task  for a  programmer to  make a 
good documentation or to search for people who want to do it for him...


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