[LAU] How to write beats

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Mon Apr 21 05:57:23 EDT 2008

schoappied hat gesagt: // schoappied wrote:

> Thanks, yes I figured that out and installed the program.... but I 
> couldn't find the play button....  (ugh)
> Maybe someone could write a quick howto for people who just want to 
> listen to the pd files?

Okay, here's a quick tour through the patch (which is missing because
it's a sunday afternoon *fun* project and writing documentation is not
as much fun as patching...)

After you've opened s-beatschool.pd, search the orang "ezdac~" object.
Click the toggle "DSP" on and raise the volume slider. If you now
click the "b", "s", "h", ... message boxes in the right area, you
should hear the drums. 

The "dmetro" object is the central timing object. Swith it on and off
with the square white toggle button above it. The default pattern
should play. You can change the tempo with the "bpm" number box right
of the toggle button. Just click on it, hold the mouse and drag up and
down. Change swing with the "swing" numberbox. Values about 0.5 or 0.6
are nice. Use "Shift-click" to change the numbers in smaller steps.

Finally you can change patterns with the subpatch called "pd
switchpattern". Open it by clicking, then press the various message
box flags. I threw in a little tanh-distortion and phaser effect for
no additional cost.


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