[LAU] Decent and attractive audio player

Loki Davison loki.davison at gmail.com
Sun Apr 27 08:16:41 EDT 2008

Hi all,
Well, name says it all, what do people like for an audio player?
I read this blog post and was wondering if there is something he
missed as i have somewhat similar experiences,


I've been using audacious and amarok and both seem to have there
problems. Amarok makes me think too much about searching and freaks
out parsing a lot of my collection and seem really, really stupid in a
few ways. Also i don't like it how it can't just  play from the
collection, i.e when it finishes that album, just go onto the next,
etc.  Audacious is ok in a no organisation at all way. I like all my
music to be easy to search and there is 200gb of it.

Aqualung seems technically just what i want, but the interface is not
my taste. I find it really ugly and a bit unfriendly.

So what are the options?


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