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Sun Apr 27 10:08:45 EDT 2008

On Sun, 27 Apr 2008 22:16:41 +1000
"Loki Davison" <loki.davison at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Well, name says it all, what do people like for an audio player?
> I read this blog post and was wondering if there is something he
> missed as i have somewhat similar experiences,
> http://blog.brokenfunction.com/2008/04/26/why-arent-there-any-good-linux-media-players/
> I've been using audacious and amarok and both seem to have there
> problems. Amarok makes me think too much about searching and freaks
> out parsing a lot of my collection and seem really, really stupid in a
> few ways. Also i don't like it how it can't just  play from the
> collection, i.e when it finishes that album, just go onto the next,
> etc.  Audacious is ok in a no organisation at all way. I like all my
> music to be easy to search and there is 200gb of it.
> Aqualung seems technically just what i want, but the interface is not
> my taste. I find it really ugly and a bit unfriendly.
> So what are the options?
> Loki

Since I was used to foobar2k on windows my bottom line of features may be a bit
different. It's all about some basic playback features, like gapless playback
and replaygain, but sadly, all the linux media players manage to fail, at least
Many use the same backends, which rules out gapless playback by design, and I
think none have a sane replaygain implementation.
My favorites are mpd and aqualung, both with their own set of drawbacks.
Both support gapless playback, but can't create replaygain tags.
mpd has working replaygain playback support whereas that's not so sure with
current aqualung. Aqualung uses its own system called RVA, which misses the
point of equal perceived loudness, but it has some way to import and
use replaygain values, but in later versions seems to mess that up somehow as

All the rest isn't as important to me. There should be some kind of playlist,
there should be support for a couple of formats, like vorbis, mp3, flac and
wavpack. There should be support for soundservers, like alsa and maybe jack too.
There should be some possibility to edit metadata (tags).

Maybe I get lucky and see all that in one player someday, who knows ;)
Easiest way would probably be to replace aqualungs RVA with replaygain.

Best Regards,

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