[LAU] Decent and attractive audio player

Roger E gurusonic at gmail.com
Mon Apr 28 02:23:31 EDT 2008

Arthur wrote:
> Roger E wrote:
>> Another happy Amarok user here. I always fix the tags with Easytag 
>> before adding them to the collection. With proper tags the search 
>> works perfectly. Easytag can fetch tags from cddb also, and rename 
>> files from tags.
>> If only Amarok had a replay gain function like fb2k I reckon it would 
>> be perfect. It does take over half an hour to scan my 10000 tracks, 
>> but hey, you only need to do that once.
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> I also think that amarok is great, but I have a very fast computer. I 
> don't fix tags with easytag (but I do think that it's a great 
> program), I rip with rubyripper and everything is ready to dump into 
> my music folder as is. If you folks don't know about rubyripper, 
> please check it out. I found out about it when I was running archlinux 
> and I hope that there are binaries for every distro soon. No, I am not 
> affiliated with rubyripper in any way.
> Enjoy,
> Arthur
I have used a separate ripper, but now only use the built-in KIOslave in 
KDE. Insert CD, drag the "Ogg" virtual folder (or flac or mp3) to 
Desktop or wherever, and a few minutes later a folder of named, tagged 
(Amarok ready) ogg files is yours.

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