[LAU] mplayer or CDROM drive question

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Tue Apr 29 03:57:56 EDT 2008

Hello folks!
   Mplayer has an option to tell the CDROM-drive how fast to spin. On my old 
SuSE system it worked. On my new debian system it doesn't work anymore. It 
can't really be the kernel, for I compiled my own kernels on the old system 
and I do so on the new one. When I started debian I had the same kernel as on 
my SuSE system.
   The commandline for mplayer is:
mplayer -cdrom-device /dev/hdd -cdda speed=4 cdda://*
   Can anyone help me here. I like to have it slowed down, so the CDROM drive 
is quiet while playing music. Now I can hear it very prominently.
   Kindest regards

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