[LAU] like rme multiface?

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Fri Aug 1 15:22:03 EDT 2008

Am Freitag, 1. August 2008 schrieb sh0099:
> Arnold Krille schrieb:
> > Am Freitag, 1. August 2008 schrieb Florian Faber:
> >>> oh,  i need the low latency :-(
> >>What for?
> > Hypothesis:
> >  People saying that they need low latency without stating what for
> > usually don't need low latency.
> i do live electronic musik
> so i use the input and process it and use the output maybe again as
> input ...

I don't know because:

> i did not make a latency measurement myself. but i know that a latency
> above 50ms would be ugly.

Think about what you are talking here: 5ms latency (round-trip) is what the 
sound needs to travel 1.5 meters. A normal electric guitarist on stage has 
more distance between his amps and his ears. The main part of a classical 
piano is that far away. The second violins are further away from the first 
violins. And don't even talk about organs...

But while talking about organs: People can compensate for these kinds of 
delay. Organists are quite used to hearing the sound a lot after they pressed 
the key. It is true that anything above 50ms is hard for playing piano. But 
for anything between 20 and 50ms you can compensate easily. And below 20ms 
you only hear the delay with good practice and playing percussion sounds...

The problem with these discussions is that most people come from the 
asio-damaged world where 5ms latency actually means something lot more. While 
on linux 5ms is more or less 5ms latency. And that is good enough for live 
foh-mixing. (I did so with my firepod).
> i used a fireface on a mac and i liked it ... but ...
> rme writes that the fireface has (sometimes?) 1.5ms (64samples) higher
> latency than the hdsp pci ...

Most probably due to the fact that the firewire transport adds some latency. 
And if your driver doesn't compensate for that and takes it into account, 
your latency is higher then what asio tells you...

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