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> On Tue, Aug 05, 2008 at 07:53:41AM -0400, Dave Phillips wrote:
> > You should pick up and read completely a standard text on harmony.
> Seconded. But note that the way harmony is treated in the classical
> music and in the jazz traditions is not exactly the same. Not only
> the terminology and notation are different, but also some basic
> concepts. It can be very confusing to do both at the same time.
> Also, going through the history of classical music, it's clear
> that "harmony" is a moving target.
> > I went through the harmony books by Walter Piston, Roger Sessions, and
> > Arnold Schoenberg, but others here may recommend different texts. Which
> > text you use doesn't matter so much, as long as you acquire a systematic
> > understanding of the subject.
> Paul Hindemith, "Traditional Harmony" is one, there are
> many others.

Also, "Tonal Harmony" by Stefan Kostka and Dorothy Payne appears to be
highly regarded by many (it's on my to-read list).

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