[LAU] MIDI via Wiimote?

nescivi nescivi at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 23:16:52 EDT 2008

On Friday 25 July 2008 11:50:01 holotone at gmail.com wrote:
> I've found a bunch of how-tos on using a Wiimote as a mouse, but can't find
> anything Linux specific on turning all of those movements into MIDI notes -
> Any experience with this or any other Wiimote > Music applications out
> there?

check out Wiiosc
at my website http://www.nescivi.nl/wiiosc

it gives the wii data as OSC messages.
Should be easy enough to adapt if your music app wants different kinds of 
messages instead (just change the OSC message sent out and do some scaling if 

SuperCollider also has a Wii binding, so you could write your Wii-to-MIDI 
thing in there too.


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