[LAU] Requesting MIDI port and/or audio port of an application

Crypto crypto at online.de
Mon Aug 11 05:15:06 EDT 2008


after startup a musical application normally has to connect to an audio port 
provided by jack and/or ALSA, and connect to MIDI ports as well, if it 
supports MIDI.

What can I do to find out which audio ports and MIDI ports an application 

So far I have been using aconnect to get a GUI list of which MIDI ports are 
available, and I have made the connections between MIDI ports manually.

If we are lucky, an application can make the audio connections fully 
automatically, i.e. it connects to jackd audio ports automatically, so there 
is no user action required for connection. But this does not work with MIDI 
ports. I have to make connections between MIDI ports manually.

Unfortunately, connecting to ports manually is not an option in my case 
because I have a program running that acts as a kind of host for other 
musical applications, and this application (keykit) has to know the port 
numbers of audio ports and MIDI ports of external applications that it should 
run to make the proper connections between their MIDI ports and their audio 

Aconnect is no option here because with aconnect I have to get the MIDI ports 
out of it and then enter the ports manually in keykit. It has to be done by 
keykit and a helper tool launched via command line interface.

Keykit can send commands to the system command line so it can launch external 

What can I do? What is Your recommended option to get the MIDI ports and audio 
ports via a system command line interface tool?

Thanks for any help and kind regards,

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