[LAU] My Tascam US-122

Shawn Wallis miesco251 at gmail.com
Tue Aug 12 21:18:25 EDT 2008

I got m Tascam US-122 it works fine, the mixers for it dont work in
Qamix and gnomealsamixer, when I choose the usx2y soundcard the mixers
are blank, nothing there.  IS that suppost to happen?

ANyways, I am getting noise from my KRK Rokit powered 5 speakers,
headphones in the tascam gives me no noise, then I plug from the
headphones output of the tascam to the speakers and I get noise!  So I
think it might have something to do with the speakers?

The noise starts when I plug the USB for the tascam in, even when its
not plugged in and just touches the metal it makes the noise.

When I unplug my AC for my laptop, the noise stops...  WHen add
brightness to my laptop screen I get less noise... 

Does anyone have any solutions, more troubleshooting tips?  Thanks.

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