[LAU] Multi-port MIDI interface for PC ?

Andre Majorel aym-psd at teaser.fr
Wed Aug 13 07:26:30 EDT 2008

On 2008-06-02 10:35 +0200, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> Andre Majorel wrote:
> > - MOTU MIDI Timepiece   (around 600 EUR)
> > - MOTU Express XT       (around 400 EUR)
> > - MOTU MIDI Express 128 (around 200 EUR)
> >
> > I've heard complaints about the latency of the MOTU interfaces.
> > How is it under Linux ?
> Under Linux, these devices have infinite latency, i.e., they do
> not work at all.  If somebody were to write a driver, the
> latency would be about as high as in other OSes.

How do you know ? The latency could be in MOTU's drivers.

> > Are there any other 8-I/O port interfaces still being made ?
> Good question.
> > Or good ones that are out of production but available on the used
> > market ?
> Try MidiSport 8x8 or Emagic Unitor8 or AMT8.

Got an Emagic AMT8. I'm unable to seriously test in at the moment
but at least MIDI output over USB works fine with kernel 2.6.22.

The innards of the AMT8 are interesting. It contains an EPROM but
no microprocessor that I can see, just a couple of FPGA.

Has someone reverse-engineered Emagic's AMT8/Unitor configuration
program ? It would be nice to have access to all of the AMT8's
features, especially the MIDI matrix.

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