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Matthew Smith matt at smiffytech.com
Wed Aug 13 19:01:25 EDT 2008

Quoth Atte André Jensen at 2008-08-13 21:45...

> Supposed I had one already (or more generally: something with 
> touchscreen), what would it require to get ardour, pd and stuff like 
> that to work with the touch screen? IOW: what happens when you touch the 
> screen, and where is X in all this?

Touchscreens are actually quite easy.  Assuming that your X is Xorg, you 
just need to build X with the appropriate driver for your touchscreen 
(Microtouch, or whatever), then add in appropriate configuration.

Touchscreens are pointing devices, just like mice, and may be used in 
conjunction with one.  (Actually they are more like graphics tablets in 
that positioning is absolute rather than relative.)

I would suggest that you choose a touch screen and then Google for 
something like this:

<http://www.google.com/search?q=xorg+microtouch>  (Assuming a Microtouch 

You can get a Debian package for the Microtouch driver, Gentoo (what I 
use) just needs USE=input_devices_microtouch when building xorg-server 
and I guess the other distributions will have similar facilities.

The only caveat would be if you were to choose a touch screen that did 
not have an Xorg driver.

Once you've got a driver, there should be no shortage of xorg.conf 
examples available out there to help you get it set up.

Personally, I have had my share of trying to clean finger-marks off 
screens and now use an ergonomic optical trackball!  (Seem to recall 
reading an article on Tangerine Dream - trackball users due to them 
being pretty stable in a stage environment.)

Hope this helps.



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