[LAU] sourcing TI FireWire PCMCIA cards

Arnold Krille arnold at arnoldarts.de
Tue Aug 19 10:40:14 EDT 2008


Am Dienstag, 19. August 2008 schrieb Christoph Eckert:
> > And looking at what you want to replace, you would need one of the
> > biggest saffires and an extra adat-interface. Which isn't exactly cheap.
> > And would be a hell of setup "just" for playing some synths.
> True. I simply want to get rid of this monster rack mixer. What I basically
> need is a 28x28 patchpanel with software patchcables and firewire
> connectivity :) .
> The SAFFIRE PRO 26 I/O looks interesting. If I got you correctly you'd plug
> in an adat interface as an a/d converter, right? If there an adat device
> with 16 line ins?

Nope, adat is 8 channels only (per cable), even half-ed when used with 96kHz. 
But because of the firewire stack and/or the world-clock you can sync two 
firewire devices to act as one big sample synced device.

So for your requisites you would probably need two to three saffires and some 
optional adat-converters[*]. Sounds sexy but rather pricey.

> > (But if you buy such a
> > setup, I would be interested in testing it for replacing foh-consoles
> > with it. :)
> foh?? Anyway, sooner or later I fear I will need such a setup. Or how do
> other people connect a handful of synths to a computer?

My handful of synths all connect with jack by default. :-P

Have fun,


[*] I should ask them for a provision for proposing such setups...
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