[LAU] zoom h4 not visible/available

drew Roberts zotz at 100jamz.com
Wed Aug 20 11:13:59 EDT 2008

On Wednesday 20 August 2008 10:41, Antoni Beksiak wrote:
>                 hello everybody,
>                 i'm trying to use zoom h4 as an audio interface on linux
> (linpus on acer aspire one). i read here and there that once it is
> connected (and proper option is chosen on the zoom itself), it should show
> up as a device. unfortunately it's not the case, it is not available
> neither as a device in qjackctl nor in audacity. also "aplay -l" doesn't
> show anything more than the built-in sound chip.

It will work if it is not broken I think.

Sometimes it can be a bit confusing though as you have to press that wheel 
button on the side more times that you would think at times.

I am not with mine now to go through the steps and document them for you but 
if this hint does not help, let me know and I will document things better for 
>                 i know that linpus is somehow "lite", but it does include
> alsa. please advice, if possible.
>                 thanks,
>                 antoni

all the best,


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