[LAU] Create own samplebased instrument

Garett Michael Shulman shulmang at Colorado.EDU
Wed Aug 20 16:53:18 EDT 2008

For soundfonts I think swami is very good. I think Josh may have added 
some level of Gig support as well. Libinstpatch, which is swami's patch 
editing library is also great for editing patches programatically, with 
the python binding for instance. I would also recommend swami simply 
because Josh is such a cool, responsive, & helpful person.

Also, I have found with open source that if something is broken in a 
project it is often fruitful to try a different, even older, version of 
the project. So, you may consider trying a different version of libgig & 

Nils Gey wrote:
> Hi list,
> I want to create my own instrument out of some recordings. But I don't know which tools are avaible. I tried gigedit from linuxsampler which seems to be very unstable and buggy (it cannot load its own saved files). Then I tried swami.
> Are there other programs which I can use to make samplelibs/soundfonts? Wine is an option too. 
> Nils
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