[LAU] zoom h4 not visible/available

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Aug 21 03:22:21 EDT 2008

Antoni Beksiak hat gesagt: // Antoni Beksiak wrote:

>                 thanks very much, that's exactly the case! there's no
> snd-usb-audio loaded, and there's no snd-usb-audio module available (it
> can't be found, "FATAL" error). seems linpus lite, as a stripped down linux
> version (it is a variant of fedora 8, afaik), has this module excluded. is
> there any idea on how to download the module or is it impossible without
> messing with the kernel?

You have to mess with the kernel. I think it is very strange that Linpus
ships with a kernel where one of the most important soundcard driver
modules is missing. (The first thing I as a musician would do with a
EeePC or similar is to add a higher quality usb soundcard.)

Maybe you can file a bug report somewhere?

Frank Barknecht

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