[LAU] sourcing TI FireWire PCMCIA cards

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Sat Aug 23 06:07:17 EDT 2008


> It is not a FW interface, but RME HDSP line has full-blown matrix mixer,
> and Multiface supports disconnected operation (never tried it, though).

this would mean I'd buy the PCMCIA interface; I wonder though if my next 
machine will still provide a PCMCIA interface? I guess they will die rather 
sooner than later.

> Btw, I also thought it is a good and modern idea to mix synths with
> multichannel cards,
> but now came to a conclusion, that good old mixer with several
> subgroups and sends
> is a much more convenient, user-friendly and problem-proof solution.
> And it works without computer as well :)

True. Frankly, my Behringer 28 channel MX 2804 still is a good solution, but 
audio quality is poor. I have a lot of problems with hum and stuff. That's 
why I want to replace it with something more reliable. Any mixer you would 

Best regards,


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