[LAU] Can Qtractor open .*midi files?

Rui Nuno Capela rncbc at rncbc.org
Tue Aug 26 13:08:08 EDT 2008

Grammostola Rosea wrote:
> Hi,
> I've some *.midi files, exported from lilypond, but Qtractor seems to be 
> able to open *.mid files only!?
> I do not know what is the difference between *.mid and *.midi...

qtractor supports standard midi format files (smf) format 0 and 1 only.

> Is there a sollution?

assuming lilypond is writing those .midi files as smf alright, you can 
just copy or rename the .midi files into .mid and voilá

otoh, i guess it's missing a "All files (*.*)" filter type in the midi 
file open dialogs in qtractor. will fix that asap ;)

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela
rncbc at rncbc.org

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