[LAU] A Linux Audio distro that can keep up?

hollunder at gmx.at hollunder at gmx.at
Sat Aug 30 04:56:45 EDT 2008

I know the problem as I use Ubuntu Studio myself.
It's about half a year behind, sometimes even more.
This is because it is tied to the ubuntu release cycle, and
everything needs to go into the normal ubuntu repositories, which means
that every package must go through Debian or Ubuntu, which isn't as
fast as putting it up on some unofficial repository.

My solution so far is to compile apps that I really need. Better
don't try to stay really up-to-date by compiling every svn-version all
the time, or you won't do anything else.

The Ubuntu Studio way to do everything through official repos probably
has some benefits, but the drawbacks are obvious: it takes some time to
get new versions in and it's hard, if not impossible to get some apps in

Maybe I give something like sidux a whirl as well. studio64 doesn't
appeal to me, since using debian-stable, the system in general is not
very up-to-date. With the planet ccrma, the question is which Fedora
version to use. I tried it once with the most recent one then and had
lots of problems.

Well, good luck on your journey through distro-land.
Best regards,

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