[LAU] [COMPLETELY OT} Is it true? :-)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sat Aug 30 17:11:17 EDT 2008

  This is for all the english-mothertongued lads, mates and even guys here: Do 
you really say "Holzfaellersteak"? Or do you dos the English lingua emancipate 
itself here and has its own word?
  I know it's silly, but I just tried to look it up and didn't find anything 
else. Besides it's to hilarious, a meal called "lumberjack steak", not havng 
an English translation. Oh all the poor Germans, who don't know th and English 
r, who think this was born in canada or the woods of Maine. :-)
  Kindest regards

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