[LAU] New Music (a few ones)

Julien Claassen julien at c-lab.de
Sun Aug 31 07:38:37 EDT 2008

  Filling up the summer gap. :-) These songs aremostly not linux-recorded, 
only one of them, but the rest is too nice to leave them out. There was NO m$ 
involved at all! :-) these were done with my good friend Joy, who is a 
guitarist/bassist/hobby drummer. Thanks to him!
  German lyrics, half badly sung. If you can enjoy German volksmusik, country, 
classics, reggae and soft schlager, take a listen. We didn't smoke anything to 
do it, and we only drank the usual: milk.

  I don't know if Joy would be OK with the title. But he gave his OK. It's a 
bit of coldplay, with funk and jazz and general 70s.

  Did you read Harry Potter 5? there uncle Vernon once called the dementors 
dementoids. We chose this title, for the last part only. Remember this was all 
done in 1-4 days, with lots of things to do in between.

  Upperslesia hiphop. We didn't plan for this, the drums were just inserted 
afterwards. It's mostly real instruments, only the trumpet, tuba and clarinet 
are out of the box. The theme chosen was: "Oberschlesien ist mein liebstes 
Heimatland" (upperslesia is my most beloved home country). We had lots of fun 
with that one. Hope you do too.

  This is the linux procued one. Took my PC to duesseldorf. It's also some 
kind of session. It's a walk through of jazz, 70s rock, funk and the grand 
  Instruments involed in all the recordngs vary, because, those recordings 
were made in the passing of years. But it includes zoom tr323 drum-computer, 
Roland td12 electric drumkit, roland xp30, yamaha Motif classic, Korg tr61, 
yamaha bass guitar, Shur sm58 mic, Line6 Pod and PodXT, Variax guitar, more 
accousitc and electric guitars. For the most part recorded with a Boss/Roland 
  I hope you'll enjoy it, have a laugh, rock around and whatever applies. :-)
  Kindest regards

Music was my first love and it will be my last (John Miles)

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