[LAU] Open Source MIDI control surface

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Mon Dec 1 13:29:03 EST 2008

>> > Is anyone interested in an Open Source MIDI control surface?
>> interesting thread as i am working on a control-surface myself atm ...
>> i would be curious, if someone has some experience with
>> higher-precision adc? most io boards i know (arduino/makingthings)
>> provide 10-bit adcs, while i'd be interested in getting a higher
>> resolution ... does anyone have experience with interfacing a
>> microcontroller (e.g. arduino) with an external high-resolution adc?
> Are you sure you need it?
> How much noise do you have on your analog sensor?

well, 10 bit is ok, but i would prefer a more accurate resolution. i 
would also prefer to use a 14bit adc with 2 bit of jittering instead of a 
12 bit resolution ...


tim at klingt.org

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