[LAU] Open Source MIDI control surface

Nick Copeland nickycopeland at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 18:38:14 EST 2008

> For regular 7-bit stuff, I'll be using a 16-input, 8-bit ADC.  However, 
> in order to get higher resolutions for the 2 x 7-bit messages, I am 
> dropping analogue input in favour of rotary encoders.

Nice. Are they optical? Suppose they must be. The Moog Source used optical rotary pots yonks ago to overcome numerous issues. What is their resolution? I always thought they were quite coarse since the optics has a limit on the width of the shadow being cast but that depends on how the comb wheel is etched and how the leds are aligned, admittedly you do have the benefit that you can just spin the dial to get higher resolution since they don't have a start or end point. You may still get noise depending on the scanning rate and line width - if the scanning rate is too slow you can get spurious direction changes since you only have a 2 bit grey coding. I would be very interested to hear your results, they are cool pieces of hardware.

Regards, nick.

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