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Tue Dec 2 00:39:02 EST 2008

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Ken Restivo wrote:
> On Tue, Dec 02, 2008 at 12:14:00AM -0500, frank pirrone wrote:
>> Ken Restivo wrote:
>>> As an expeirment, over a year ago, I plugged my fretless guitar
>>> into my FastTrack Pro USB interface, loaded up Ardour on my
>>> laptop, set up a cheap digital camera to film, and simultaneously
>>> filmed and recorded myself playing some blues. It was an
>>> experiment to see how easy it would be to sync the
>>> Ardour-recorded audio up with the video, using Avidemux on Linux.
>>> Worked great and was quite simple to do. I posted the results
>>> here:
>>> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZuE2LWLXMc
>>> And, over the past year, that cheesy little off-hand experiment
>>> has been by far the most successful thing I've done musically *in
>>> my entire life*.
>>> 16,473 views so far-- more than any music I've ever made. I'm 
>>> baffled. I have no idea why such a simple, unremarkable, and
>>> almost cliche'ed thing would have become so popular, but
>>> nonetheless it is, in defiance of all rationality.
>>> -ken
>> I dunno, Ken.  Greater departure from conventional than the groovy 
>> funkalicious stuff you've done on keyboard/bass?
>> Blue LEDs could have been Herbie Hancock playing, but for as 
>> complimentary as that observation may be, folks have heard stuff
>> like that before.
> Yeah, but that's my point.
> Blues is as old as the hills, and quite possibly ten times as common.
> There are great blues guitarists within hailing distance of
> practically everyone.
> Why anyone-- let alone 16,000 people-- would have wanted to hear me
> play blues, is a mystery to me.
> -ken
Sure, I know that.  Actually, blues tunes and the ways they're played
are 8.96 times as common as hills, but despite how common they are and
the ubiquity of the players, I was intrigued by both your conversion of
that cheap guitar to fretless and the interesting timbre of it as
amplified.  I also thought your playing was quirky, and thus the video
was noteworthy for that a well.

Still, I agree, that viewership is phenomenal.  Hey...bask in the glory!


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